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Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Hand Sketching - Materials

Students will work through and complete many orthographic and isometric hand sketches.  This is used to not only learn this skill but to also learn some of the  language associated with the drafting process.


SolidWorks Training

This is the largest portion of the class and will include working through SolidWorks training materials to learn the basics of parametric modeling in SolidWorks.

2018 CADD Midterm


Bridge Building - Materials

This is a fun activity where students design a balsa wood bridge on the computer and perform stress annalisys right in SolidWorks.  Students will then use this data to improve their design and build the structure out of balsa wood.



The CSWA or (Certified SolidWorks Associate) is a nationally recognized certification test which all students will take upon completion of the course.

CSWA Practice Materials

CSWA Testing Website

College Credit

How to Apply

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