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SW Section III

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Lesson 5

This section has multiple videos collected over the internet to show you the power of SolidWorks Assemblies followed by a multiple part assembly that you will create.  Watch the videos and then complete the activity.

Video 1 - Basic Assembly Features (4:51)Video

Video 2 - Elbow Engine (12:26) - Video

Video 3 - Assembly Tips (14:54) - Video

Video 4 - Time Saving Assembly Tips (2:46) - Video

Activity 5.1 Kids wooden block toy - PDF

Lesson 6

SolidWorks Simulation

Please navigate to the link below and watch all five videos on SolidWorks simulation tools.

Either while watching or afterwards you will complete the quiz on google docs over different simulation features.

Videos - LINK

Quiz - LINK

**Note** You must be signed in to your ccsd1schools account to access the quiz and turn in assignments. **Note**

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